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The idea behind PSFS - Project Soft Factor Surveys

In most projects the monthly report is created by the project manager. It focuses on "hard facts". Mainly believing that from the past and current situation the future can be anticipated.


PSFS allows you to involve all stakeholders. In a 5 minute survey per project they give their impression on crucial facts in the project. All the soft factors can be caught there. The stakeholders enter the data at several regular times leading to a time series of observations. For soft factors the relative change and the trend are normally more informative than the absolute value.


The surveys can for example be used for:

*  reporting to a steering board
*  reporting to the management
*  giving information to the project manager
*  helping in improving the vision
*  helping in improving the team.


There all 11 question categories each corresponding to a distinct use case. Each use case is described in detail. Depending on your need you choose one or more categories and select the questions you want to ask.

You can show the result to the project manager only, the team or also to other people. The data can be made transparent or anonymized. Fitting to every project culture.


In the following some general advices for the use of PSFS are given:

*  Data entry should be done during the whole project so that you get a complete time series of resuls.
*  As the question list of a category is already optimized most of the questions should be used.
*  PSFS is only of limited use for quick intervention but is best suited when data is collected during the whole project time.
*  Ideally the entry of the data is part of the project process (e.g. part of the controlling).
* Anonymity makes only sense, when there are at least 3 people per group. Generally a minimum of 6 persons is needed for real anonymity. This should be considered when assigning persons to groups.
*  When a subsample of people of a stakeholder group enters data it is preferable when always the same people enter the data as this will produce a more consistent time series. For PSFS this means that team email accounts should not be used.
*  There should not be too many changes in the question set as to provide meaningful time series.


PSFS is easy to use and free of charge.

It is a service provided by GnostX GmbH, Bern, Switzerland.