GnostX GmbH hat verschiedene Partner in ihrem Netzwerk, um für Sie optimale Resultate zu liefern.


i-nature Ltd

i-nature ist ebenfalls eine Softwarefirma in Sophia, Bulgarien. Ihre Spezialität sind komplexere PHP-Systeme.


breviso Ltd

Breviso Ltd ist eine Softwarefirma in Sophia, Bulgarien. Sie ist spezialisiert auf Facebook-Anwendungen, Front Ends und PHP-Programme


Breviso is a full service e-media agency. We integrate the marketing savvy of a traditional ad agency with the technical innovation of an IT consulting firm. The result is a one-of-a-kind offering that delivers high-performance websites, multimedia, branding, and print graphics.

It takes more than attractive graphics to truly capitalize on e-media opportunities. It takes an integrated approach including:

  • strategic planning to align media and business objectives;
  • understanding your target audience demographics and drivers;
  • strict adherence to usability standards and best practices;
  • effective content (verbal communication);
  • brand enhancing creative (non-verbal communication);
  • media enablers (marketing, technical innovation, support, etc.);
  • monitoring metrics and analysis.

Breviso uniquely integrates all this expertise into a single point of contact.
If you are serious about building your business using the web, multimedia or traditional marketing; Breviso is the perfect partner to add to your team.
Web Development

Breviso is an integrated single-source web development firm. With one phone call you get a team of highly-skilled experts with a business-driven common-sense approach.

Truth be known, most websites do little to help their company’s bottomline. Not because the web is an unfertile marketplace, but because most websites are lacking key components. Proper application of:

  • web best practices;
  • strategic creative;
  • effective copy;
  • technical innovation;
  • savvy marketing;
  • sound business theory

is what separates typical websites from performance-driven producers.
This is what separates a Breviso website from the rest.

Web Development Services

  • web page coding
  • website management and support
  • custom programming
  • database development
  • application deployment
  • e-commerce
  • web hosting & e-mail
  • domain name registration
  • development of applications for mobile devices
  • graphics design
  • animation
  • photography
  • audio & video

Flash MultimediaBreviso excels in business-focused flash design. From image-enhancing accent animations to highly-advanced online multimedia applications,Breviso has a unique combination of experts and expertise to unleash the true power of Flash multimedia.

Flash multimedia is a very powerful and flexible medium. Yet it typically is misused, driven by a designer’s hubris to create expensive modern art instead of effective business tools. Breviso’s business-focused Flash design is anything but typical.
By combining world-class creative media with innovative programming functionality and sound business logic, Breviso will transform your multimedia into an accelerated business tool for

  • building brand awareness;
  • increasing perceived value;
  • enhancing customer experience;
  • explaining complex concepts;
  • delivering advanced functionality.

is what separates typical websites from performance-driven producers.
This is what separates a Breviso website from the rest.

Multimedia Applications:

  • web animation & banners
  • online demos
  • flash web sites
  • advanced flash programming


Our credo is customer care. We would like to give you a little more than you expect. We do pay attention to your small whims. We do think highly of slight details. Our goal is to make our clients our best recommendation.