Multibrowser 1.6 Beta

  • Version 1.6
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  • Dateigrösse 24MB
  • Erstellungsdatum August 24, 2017

Multibrowser is a software for Microsoft Windows PC. It allows to control the starting of different browsers depending on the URL to be browsed.

In an intranet environment this is useful as some applications work better with one browser or another. It also allows the blocking of a specific browser by changing the policy-file, e.g. when a zero-day vulnerability is detected.

Using a single browser in a corporate environment it allows you to control browser usage without denying your customer the usage of their favorite browsers.

Possible usage scenarios:

  • Standard web browsing with Chrome.
  • Access to the ECM with Internet Explorer.
  • Disabling browser A for a week, due to a zero-day-exploit.
  • Priorizing browsers (for http and https)