These Simon Günter – Project Soft Factor Survey

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These Simon Günter - Project Soft Factor Survey

Software projects are very complex and can fail in many ways. They are also often expensive and critical for the organizations. The goal of the master thesis is analyse use cases and corresponding question lists for a web-based survey platform to support software projects. The purpose of each use case is to improve the probability of the software project's success. In interviews with 5 subject matter experts 10 use cases were identi ed, e.g. the validation and extension of project's controlling and the support of the change process. The focus of the use cases was on so-called soft-factors which can only be measured by qualitative evaluation done by humans. For each use case
a corresponding question list was created. For this task the expert's input from theinterviews, literature and Internet resources were considered. The experts then gavewritten feedback to the use cases and the question lists rating and commenting them.

The feedback was used to remove many questions, adding additional user informations to some of them, rephrasing others and in few cases adding new questions. Also all use case descriptions were signi cantly changed. The platform was developed in parallel by the company BREVISO with signi cant input from the subject matter experts and theauthor. The nal use cases and question lists were included in the platform so that it is now fully functional.


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